Purganics by Nisha Bains a Mumbai based Entrepreneur

Purganics by Nisha Bains a Mumbai based Entrepreneur

Nisha Bains is a Mumbai based entrepreneur and founder of a very innovative venture offering products for a well-respected cause / need of the society. Her venture, Purganics, is all set to revolutionise the way women feel and are able to maintain hygiene during the days of mensuration.

At Purganics, they strive to give high quality, effective, safe, eco-friendly products to their customers, which follow the principles of being GOOD FOR YOU! GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! GOOD FOR SOCIETY!

Purganics offer all natural feminine hygiene products and bamboo toothbrushes. All the products use natural materials and only if absolutely necessary use synthetics that are safe for human use and have minimal environmental impact. They are transparent about all the materials used in our products and stand behind the efficacy of all their products. The feminine hygiene line is 100% natural and free from plastics, perfumes, chlorine based dyes, petroleum derived products and pesticides.

Nisha Bains - Founder Purganics
Nisha Bains – Founder Purganics

Need for a Startup like Purganics in the words its founder Ms. Nisha Bains:
Growing up in India with a mother who was too embarrassed to even utter the word period /menstruation let alone have a discussion about puberty, sex education and periods – I grew up inheriting the popular product choice of that time. Given the stigma around menstruation and feminine hygiene products, buying these products has always been a quick and discreet process without a thought given to what is inside the products and the safety of them given the delicate areas they come in continual contact with. One assumed that since the products are backed by an FMCG behemoth – they must have done lots of research and it must be safe, although even today none of the manufacturers write what is inside their sanitary pads or tampons since they are not required by law to do so.

My personal discovery and horror in finding out about the chemicals especially known carcinogens like dioxins that I was being exposed to in the existing feminine hygiene products came much later in my life in my late 20’s after a doctor friend suggested I try an all natural version of the sanitary napkins which was safe and effective after a few bouts of rashes and a yeast infection episode. I was shocked and disappointed that despite my education, global travels and exposure when it came to what is going into my body, I was ignorant and unaware.

When I read about how the commercial sanitary napkins were full of plastics (thus not breathable and also bad for the planet), chemical laden (dioxins and SAP’s- which are derived from crude oil), artificially fragranced (thus not hypoallergenic) and non-biodegradable – the choice to go with the all-natural alternative was a no-brainer for me. As an individual I care about my health – what chemicals I am exposed to be it in products I ingest or use on my body – and also about the planet’s health. So while for the last many years I have been largely using organic products to the extent I can in my life, when I moved back to India a few years ago, I looked for a natural, fully organic alternative in the feminine hygiene space; however, I did not find a single product in the Indian marketplace that was all natural (unless you count using a cotton cloth – which was not an option for me). There were a few brands masquerading as being natural but upon closer inspection they only had a cotton top-sheet at best thereby easily misleading the consumer.

This frustration in finding a natural safe and effective solution for myself in India got me started on researching and prototyping various options and eventually arriving at a solution that is world class in efficacy, yet uses only natural and organic cotton. Thus was born Purganics (Pure + organic).

Purganics is free from all chemicals, synthetics, plastics, chlorine bleach (of which dioxins – a known carcinogen is a by-product), fragrances and SAP (derived from crude oil – present in all commercial sanitary napkins). Purganics is made with the finest GOTS certified cotton, is naturally absorbent, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, breathable, pH compatible with delicate vaginal skin and plastic free.

As a brand, Purganics brings everyday products that are good for you and good for the environment – bearing this ethos in mind we have introduced bamboo toothbrushes and natural feminine hygiene products as first of many more products that will be launched in future.

Purganics Website: http://www.purganiclife.com


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