Tips for Startups

Tips for Budding Startups

BoostYourBusiness by Facebook: To train MSMEs to explore the potential of social media for their business growth

BoostYourBusiness is an initiative from Facebook Corporation for helping the MSMEs to use the multifaceted platform of Facebook to promote their business. It is going to benefit the wide network of MSMEs in India through training to use different services of Facebook for business. Ranging from Facebook page to Facebook ads. Facebook is collaborating with EDII to implement this promising project in India. Potential of Facebook Mass Audience: With 1.49 billion

Business Plan

A start up, though small initially, is a complete business in itself and should follow all the required steps which any other business shall follow. A business plan is an integral part of every business whether big , small, an established old business or even a startup. It is something that gives a foundation to judge for a corrective action to be taken if things are not going as was

Start Small and Stay Focused

One thing is very loud and clear in startup world; don’t try to sell to anyone and everyone. Budding entrepreneurs at the initial stage should start up with a niche segment of the market. Entrepreneurs should build something small; which has clear limits and boundaries with identifiable profitability and is ready to serve the consumer needs. Don’t pressurise your business with excessive features and just focus on the smaller things

Fear of Failure

Entrepreneurship is a very long journey and the biggest hurdle is “Fear of Failure“ and most of the budding entrepreneurs fall victim of this hurdle. We as an individual are the best judges of what we think constitute our success or failure. As a start-up we define failure as not getting that result which was projected while setting up the business. However the fact is, in any business you are

Are you a Startup

Startup today is more of a lifestyle and everyone has a different definition but if we look at how the Government of India defines a Startup it will make our understanding very clear and will help us to avail all the possible benefits being offered by various Government and Non-Government Organisations. Startup Definition (As defined by DIPP); For India, startup would mean an entity or organisation or company, incorporated or registered in

Travel To Your Heart

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